Q1. How are the Swing! web and mobile apps related?
The Swing! suite of apps are designed so your Web apps and Mobile apps all Sync together. Mail, Todo, News are used in different settings so for mobile they are seperate apps. Each app is designed to sync to the account you set up when you start. Please be aware you can not sync across seperate accounts.
Q2. Having difficulties loging in with iCloud?

Since Jul 2017 Apple changed their policies and you have to use a App specific password issued from your Apple ID settings page to log in to third party apps. This applies to all apps including Outlook and others.
Please note App specific passwords are not the same as your iCloud login password.

  1. iCloud ID and passwords are both case sensitive.
  2. Login with only “@icloud.com”,“@mac.com”,“@me.com” accounts. Apple ID other than those above can be registered with Apple, but only Apple IDs with the above mail addresses can be used for Swing! login.

*If you still have problems please contact support@swingmail.co