How to login with a two step authentication
Twitter account.

  1. <Swingmail/Swingdo's Login page>
    Enter your Twitter user name or mail adress and password. Click on Authorize app.

For users with the Twitter app downloaded on their iPhone

  1. A request for login will be sent to your Twitter app.

  2. In your Twitter app click on settings.

  3. Click on setting.

  4. Click on account

  5. Click on security.

  6. Click on login requests.

  7. Accept Swingmail/Swingdo's login request.
    Login to Swignmail and Swingdo is completed when you accept the request.

For users who do not have the Twitter app on their iPhone

  1. Click here to send a two step authentication code to your iPhone messaging app.

  2. Enter the two step authentication code sent to your iPhone messages here and click the button.
    Once you click the button your login to Swingmail and Swingdo is complete.

To create an app specific password from the Twitter Website

  1. Go to https://twitter.com and login.
    From the menu icon at top right click on settings.

  2. Click on security and privacy. Click on app specific password.

  3. A password will be generated for you.
    Use this password when you login to Swingmail or Swingdo.

    *App specific passwords are only valid for 1 hour login within that time.