Send receive mail and check Todos
in Slack.

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Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!
Sync with all of your devices.

3 things you can do with SwingBot.


Send receive mail.

Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! and Docomo mail can all be used to not only receive mail on Slack, but also send mail from Slack.
From settings you select if you want to see all mail or only important mail and if you want to use quick reply funtions.


Check your Todos.

You can check your calendar and Todos. Swing! app Swingdo can sync with your third party calendar apps and give you reminders. Swing! prioritizes and schedules your tasks to make your life easier.


Get news, weather and delivery notices.

Sync with Swing! to not only check weather but also check news and deliveries.
*Currently, news feeds and delivery notices are only available in Japan.


Coming Soon... Coming Soon...

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Try using Swingbot with our other Swing! apps.

Mail app "Swingmail".
Mail received in SwingBot and aggregated in chat format by contact in Swingmail. Settings available to only allow important mail. Syncs with SwingBot.

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Todo app "Swingdo".
Todos and events you accept in SwingBot, are prioritized and scheduled for you in Swingdo. You can set your task to Done in Swingdo.

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  • Download on the Mac App Store


Q1. Is mail sent and received from SwingBot synced with my third party apps?
A. Yes. Not only are the mails you read but also those you send are reflected in your third party apps. Just as with your mail apps, so you can use it freely.
Q2. I do not receive much mail in SwingBot is there a setting to control this?
Yes. By clicking on the "Ask SwingBot" button on the bar at the bottom of the screen, you will go to the settings page. On the settings page if you click the receive all button, you will get all your mail as in an ordinary mail app. In order to avoid information overload for you the standard setting in SwingBot is only to receive important mail.
Q3. If I create an event does this get reflected in my other calendar apps?
At this point the events are not going to be synced to third party apps, but we are working on making this possible. For now it is only new tasks and todo that are reflected in third party apps. The tasks and todos you create are automatically scheduled for you within the app.
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