Manage your todos easily,
* By January 31, 2019, Swing apps will no longer be available outside Japan.

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Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! JAPAN
Sync with all of your devices.

Three things Swingdo smartly does for you.


Automated reminders for tasks, calendar events and forgotten mail

All those notices which get spread out over multiple apps, brought back together in one simple time line. With a single glance see what you need to do now.


It suggests a smart schedule for you to get your tasks done.

It prioritizes by analyzing the name, deadline, and location of a task. By automatically scheduling tasks you no longer need to prioritize manually. The more you use it the more accurate it becomes through machine learning.


A simple intuitive interface.

After adding functions and analyzing user behaviour the interface was redesigned. It is now easier than ever to use and hightens your satisfaction when tasks get done.

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our other Swing! apps.

Create todos from mail received in Swingmail, and view your tasks in Swingdo. All of your mail aggregated in a smart chat format.

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