《 Swing! (Web Ver.) ended on January 20, 2020. 》

One app for all your accounts.
The mail app that uses a chat format.
* By January 31, 2019, Swing apps will no longer be available outside Japan.

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Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! JAPAN
Sync with all of your devices.

Why Swingmail?


Group you mail by contact, group or subject.

Mail threaded exactly how you want them.
The app filters your mail so you see just what you need to.
No need to delete, snooze or archive mail anymore.


Your personalized Inbox and Contacts.

Merge email addresses and phone numbers, to consolidate mail into single threads and phone directly out from mail.
The app allows you to set contacts to important or mute to manage you mail.


Your mail in a chat format.

Check your mail in a chat thread set up by contact, group, or subject.
The mail app that lets you look through your mail history and easily reply as if you were chatting.

Try it out now!

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Use Swingmail with the useful Swing tools.

From Swingmail you can turn an email into a task in Swingdo. Swingdo also looks for forgotten mail and creates tasks automatically.

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